Benison is

Benison is old adage which means Blessing, Benediction. the origin of word of Benison is rooted on Latin. It has been used as Benedicto which means benefit. This meaning contains all the good thing which comes from other person or God. You may know that the "BENE" in Italian language means "Very Good" As word of Benison contains all the meaning of Blessing, Benediction, Bene, Benefit and Benefaction, anybody who visits can grasp the best. Based on more than 30 years experiences, we expanded our business reign not only in trans-pacific area between US and Asia but in South America and Europe as well. Most business model through on line make possible to sell and purchase on home desk but not finalized until the goods to be delivered to the receivers. Moving should be completed physically and conventionally. No matter its size of the shipment, it is very important to the owner. So we will deal with our most sincerity from packing to be delivered to final user. Even we start little late, we will compete and measure with competitors for our devotion and exceptional service.

God bless all of you.